51 Chapel Street

Flowrite Group completed the Chapel Street project In September 2022. The project involved the demolition and bulk earthworks for a commercial and residential development. With expertise in excavation and demolition, Flowrite Group delivered exceptional results.

The project encompassed a two-level basement carpark and the construction of 38 residential units spread across four floors. Flowrite’s meticulous planning and execution ensured the stability and integrity of the structure.

Flowrite Group’s skilled team efficiently managed the demolition work, ensuring the safe removal of existing structures. Their commitment to quality and attention to detail were evident throughout the project, resulting in the successful completion of the residential units.

Flowrite Group’s expertise in excavation, demolition, and construction delivered high-quality results while meeting the functional and aesthetic requirements of their clients. With a track record of successful projects, Flowrite Group continues to be a trusted partner for commercial and residential developments.